parkrun events cancelled worldwide until end of May


In a statement last week, parkrun organisers warned runners not to get their hopes up that the worldwide 5K event would be back to its weekly programme any time soon. Today, they confirmed in an update that parkruns would be suspended everywhere throughout May.

Despite some countries beginning to relax restrictions around the pandemic, parkrun have stated that the situation is still too unclear for organisers to begin holding weekly runs again.

There were 139,823 parkrunners and 15,097 volunteers involved in UK parkrun as of March 2020, when the decision was made to suspend events. In the statement, Chief Operating Officer Tom Williams stressed the importance of protecting these people, particularly the volunteers.

As it stands we can’t be sure when parkrun will be back, but organisers are making great efforts to keep in touch with their community.

“I’m pleased to say we have written to every event team and ambassador around the world, inviting them to a conversation, and are making progress with speaking to them directly,” explained Williams. “We expect it will take several weeks to complete the calls, but early feedback is showing this to be an incredibly positive and welcome initiative.”

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