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You can find your copy in Sainsbury’s, WHSmiths, Tesco, Asda, Morrison’s, Marks & Spencer’s, Waitrose, Eason’s, McColls and independent newsagents. Find your nearest stockist here.

In this issue:

With our beautiful June issue, we wanted to celebrate you: we wanted to make sure that every one of you appreciated your mental and physical strength for having got this far, and for having met all these massive challenges. To this end, we rounded up some truly inspirational women, we asked them about their doubts and how they got over them to show all of you that we are all runners, no matter what we look like.

We also speak to the truly awesome Sophie Power, we’ve got a training plan to get you from 10K to a Half (because we all need goals to work towards, even if there are no races), and we discover all the ways in which running solo is the best kind of running of all.

There’s also tons of kit to keep you inspired to lace up, some vegan recipes to power each step, virtual races to sign up to, and Emma Campbell’s first Women’s Running column in which she talks about cancer, parenthood, running, and how she juggles those three beasts and wins with a PMA. And there’s more too!

Order your copy from our online store, get the digital edition or, alternatively, you can subscribe to get your copy delivered straight to your door each month. 

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