Essential first aid kits for cuts and scrapes


first aid kit

It’s a good habit to pack a mini first aid kit if you’re out on the trails, especially if you’re running alone, and this one is super small and light, with no bulk to hinder your running. The waterproof roll-top opening is handy; just fold the top over itself, pull the edges in and clip it closed quickly and off you go. It’s got all the basics you need, such as a compression bandage, plasters, alcohol pads and rescue blanket. It’s also ideal for ultra races, hiking or other mountain activities where you want some security and peace of mind in case of a fall. There’s some spare space in the waterproof pack for you to add some of your own kit, such as k-tape, insect bite cream or paracetamol. Plus, it’s small enough to fit in a zipped pocket in a lightweight vest or pack.

first aid kit

Lifesystems Light and Dry Nano First Aid Kit | £13.99 

Light, small and well stocked, you will be glad you have this first aid kit in your pack while running or racing light in any conditions. The product is specifically designed for races where you need to keep your pack weight down, and to fit it in a light pack it’s space-saving too. Everything a lone racer might need for treating common minor injuries is condensed into minimum size; the kit would even fit in a bum-bag or generous flip-belt. The bag is super lightweight and the contents – everything from safety pins to suncream, wipes, dressings tapes and bandages – are protected inside two waterproof, sealed plastic packets within. This kit can be bashed about, submerged, covered in mud, and still come out ready for action.

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