Your first marathon training plan


Training lingo explained…

Your training plan is made up of four different types of run:

Long run
Long runs are exactly what the name suggests; they’re the longest run of your week. Your long run will build in distance as your training progresses to help your body and mind prepare for running 26.2 miles.

Easy run
Many runners go too fast on their easy runs. To get the full benefits, it’s important to slow right down to as much as a minute per mile slower than you plan to run on race day.

There are many benefits to interval training. It can help you get faster, improve running efficiency and build mental resilience. Make sure you don’t go too fast – you don’t need to go at your top speed to get these benefits. And it’s important you’re properly warmed up before doing your interval sessions.

Tempo run
You’ll be practicing running at your goal pace for race day, as well as doing some quicker tempo runs to build your fitness.

It’s also good to do some cross training (swimming, cycling or gym classes) and some strength training (core exercises like planks or lower-body exercises like squats) alongside your runs.

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