Eduardo Rodriguez Shut Down For “Minor Complications” From COVID-19


Red Sox hurler Eduardo Rodriguez will take a step back from his effort to return from a bout of COVID-19, manager Ron Roenicke tells reporters including’s Ian Browne (Twitter link). Rodriguez is said to be dealing with “minor complications” from the virus.

It’s obviously not clear what specifically is ailing Rodriguez, who has continued to test negative for an active infection. Roenicke says the club is taking the measure to ensure that Rodriguez clears out any nagging issues relating to the disease.

Thankfully, it seems there’s ample confidence that Rodriguez will make a full and rapid recovery. The skipper says that all believe he will be able to resume pitching and make it back to the majors this year. Nevertheless, it’s a sobering reminder that this illness isn’t necessarily a non-event, even for otherwise exceptionally healthy young athletes.

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